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Panama, the country with the highest skyscraper in Latin America

There are people who travel to enjoy the beautiful beaches and so relax, others seeking extreme adventures and some who want to enjoy the different architecture. With only observe high rise building they feel satisfied.


Panama provides the perfect destination these kinds of people as it leads the list of Latin American countries with the largest number of skyscrapers whose height exceeds 200 meters. This country broke a world record in 2011 at the conclusion of 10 new projects and towering among which stands the Trump Ocean Club, located in Punta Pacifica, better known as Trump Tower, which distributes its 70 floors at 284 meters high. It follows the StarBay a commercial tower located on Balboa Avenue with 68 floors and 267 meters high, followed by The Point, with 67 floors and 266 meters located in Punta Paitilla. Behind these is Yoo Panama & Arts Tower, a tower designed by the renowned Philippe Starck has 80 floors in 264 meters, located in front of the cinta costera and and in fifth place we can find  the Vitri tower residential tower located in Costa del Este which has 58 floors spread over 262 meters high. In the top 12 places are also found Ocean Two of 245 meters on 73 floors, Pearl Tower also located in east coast with 242.2 meters high and 70 floors, followed by F & F Tower (Revolution) and Waters on the bay with 232.7 and 232 meters high respectively, both located in the village of Bella vista.

All this makes Panama the “Big Apple” in Latin America with 12 of the 15 tallest buildings in Latin America, the highest building in the region is “Gran Torre Santiago” in Chile with 64 floors and 300 meters high.

Overtake all the skyscrapers that exist today which would be the 69-story Financial Tower and 427 meters high, the cost of which was estimated at about 250 million dollars. The tower, thought to become the tallest building in Latin America, would have a popular viewpoint and should be ready this year. However, the project was canceled by the government of Panama for its high financial and political cost. The city has planned more than 212 buildings, 202 buildings under construction, built 174 buildings, 17 buildings unbuilt. In short, real estate development in Panama continues and because of the little space of land in the capital city is spreading to the suburbs in areas such as Costa del Este and Via Ricardo J. Alfaro.

Propiedades destacadas

$1,900.00 Price for rent

Bed 2 Rooms

Bath 2.5 Bathrooms

Size 148.00 m2

Size 1,593.00 sq ft

Parking 2

$2,800.00 Price for rent

Bed 2 Rooms

Bath 2 Bathrooms

Size 175.00 m2

Size 1,883.00 sq ft

Parking 1

$3,499.00 Price for rent

Bed 3 Rooms

Bath 3.5 Bathrooms

Size 306.00 m2

Size 3,293.00 sq ft

Parking 2

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